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It's NOT too late to join. This challenge started Monday on 13 Jan 11am PST , 2pm EST/ Tuesday 14 Jan 8am NZDT, and runs for 3 consecutive days. 

Don't make the same mistake as so many entreprenuers and biz owners when creating a course - starting to piece together and film your course WITHOUT a complete outline of EXACTLY what it will look like when it's done! 

And there are a few key elements you NEED to include to really make it awesome:

  • Your offer and promise 
  • What to teach (AND NOT TEACH)
  • How to get your students from A to B seamlessly
  • What course platform is right for you

Just to name a few. And this is just some of what you will learn in this challenge! 

So if you've been sitting on your course idea, or your last course didn't turn out how you wanted THIS TRAINING IS FOR YOU!

Daily Email Training & Tutorials  

Everyday I'll pop-up in your inbox to give you a gentle nudge to get you outline your awesome course, plus give you some cool tips along the way!

Daily Facebook Live / Instagram Live Trainings  

In addition to daily email training - you'll also be invited to join me every day at 8am NZDT/ 11am PST/ 2pm EST on Facbook for extra training & Q&A! 

Create a COMPLETE outline for your course  

By the end of this challenge you will have created a epic outline for a course!

This Content is So Good - I Will Sell it Later! (So Sign Up to Get It for FREE While You Can)  

Who's running this training?

Hey! I'm Frankie...  

And I work with course creators / wannabe course creators so they can easily create awesome video-based online courses that are sold before even filming a single video.  

My students experience the clarity of how to stucture their course through to EASILY creating the right videos for inside that produces happy students, WITHOUT TECH OVERWHELM.  

They also learn how to create and use video to SUCCESSFULLY LAUNCH THEIR COURSE and MAKE SALES.  

UNLIKE MANY WHO TEACH COURSE CREATION I focus on cost-effective video creation and use so you can quickly produce content that creates action-taking and happy students (so you get testimonials that sell your course over again) and to save money doing it without compromising on quality.

Hear what challengers said last time...